Monday, 12 September 2011

Release Day!

Double Strokes, my first short story ebook with Total-E-Bound is out today! I'd like to offer you a taste to celebrate.

"... You must be mad, Gemma admonished herself as she wove through the crowds towards the nearest bar tent, the tingling sensation on the back of her neck telling her that two sets of predatory eyes tracked her every move.
Lord, she needed a drink.
Long before arriving, she’d had a bad feeling about this—a feeling that had only intensified the moment she’d stepped into the riverside enclosure and seen what was awaiting her. She’d known then it had been a mistake to let Ben talk her into coming here today to meet up with both himself and Nate Hunter.
But not nearly as big a mistake as she’d made assuming the half-decade since she’d last seen the two of them together would have done something to dilute the raw, sexual potency of the pair. If anything, their appeal seemed to have grown more pronounced, as though the final transition from youth to manhood had concentrated their trademark air of seductive wickedness into something deeper, darker—something altogether more dangerous.
From what Gemma could tell, she wasn’t the only one in the crowd to have noticed their particular charms. Here and there, female heads craned, lashes fluttered and coy looks were cast in the direction of the pair of tall, athletic, ex-championship rowers.
Gemma dared another glance over her shoulder. Her stomach flipped and she all but stumbled. There they stood like night and day—Ben so fair and bright, Nate all dark and brooding—ignoring everything but her, their hungry gazes eating her up in a way that suggested Gemma sandwich still very much featured on their menu.
Lord, she was in trouble. Big trouble.
Reaching the relative safety of the tent, Gemma ducked inside and pushed to the front of the bar. She ordered something long and alcoholic and gulped down the ice cool liquid, which utterly failed to douse the flickers of sinful excitement burning low in her belly.
Excitement was the last thing she was supposed to be feeling. Remorse, revulsion, resolution—that was what this exercise was all about. The only reason she’d agreed to come here was so she could finally face up to and bury the mistakes of the past. To prove to herself she’d moved on, grown out of those shameful, confused impulses—matured into someone normal.
Except it was blatantly obvious she’d done no such thing, not when a single look from the dynamic duo was all it took to turn her nipples hard and make her knickers damp.  ..."

Frankly, I don't think Gemma's got the first clue what's good for her - a sentiment that Nate and Ben happen to share. And for only £1.69 you can go and find out right now just how persuasive a pair they can be. 

Monday, 8 August 2011


Hey! Take a look at the sleek and sexy postcard my new publisher sent me about my upcoming short story ebook, Double Strokes.

How total-e-fabulous is that? Release date is set for September 12, but until then you can read more about it on the Total-E-Bound website.

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Fulfill your darkest desires

The ebook edition of the Dark Desires paranormal anthology is available to download right now! And to celebrate its release, Xcite are offering a free read of Esmeralda Green's ghostly contribution Making Lewis Hard.

Other authors appearing among the twenty strong line-up include Sommer Marsden, KD Grace, Elizabeth Coldwell and Lucy Felthouse, to name but a few.

As promised, here's a little...ahem...taster of my hot-blooded vampire tale, Skin Deep. Hope you enjoy.

‘I know what you are,’ she stutters.

In a flash I have her by the scruff of the neck and out of the fire door, utilising that strength and speed to take us well away from the clamouring sound of the alarm and any responding pursuit. Half way down a deserted alley, I swing into a shadowed doorway and push her against the door. Using the weight of my body I hold her pinned, leaving her dainty feet dangling a foot off the ground.

‘You might think you know me, little girl.’ I lean close and snarl right into her face. ‘But you’ve no idea of the trouble you’re really in.’

‘I d … do know.’ She can barely choke the words out past the terror squeezing her lungs and I have to give her points for courage. With one hand she attempts to push me away, while with the other she scrabbles around in the neckline of her top. Pulling out the end of a long silver chain, she brandishes a crucifix at me. ‘I’ve been w … watching you for weeks. You’re a vampire.’

I’m stunned that she appears to know the truth, but given her current predicament, see no need to deny it. I laugh nastily, making sure she gets a good eyeful of long, sharp fang. ‘And who the hell do you think you are – Buffy the Slayer?’ Wrapping my hand around the useless talisman, I rip it from around her neck and toss it away, gaze locking on the thin red graze left by the rough pull of the chain … and the pulse ticking hard and fast beneath it.

'Oh God, don’t you bite me!’ She struggles harder as she registers the intent stamped on my features. Her heart races flat out, pitter-pattering through the layers of our clothing to tickle against my ribs. ‘I’ll scream!’

She really hadn’t taken the time to think this through to the end, had she?
‘I don’t doubt it, darling.’ I clamp a hand over her mouth and use it to push her chin to the side, stretching out the long line of her neck. Leaning down, I inhale her scent, running my face from clavicle to jaw. She smells good enough to eat. ‘It’s really just a question of how loud,’ I say with soft menace into her ear.

With that she goes wild. Screeches muffled against my palm, she lashes out with hands and feet, elbows and knees. She scratches and hits and kicks, hair flying around her and skin growing flushed as she fights for her very life.

All of which the beast in me absolutely loves.

Goaded, ravenous, I go straight for the jugular, teeth piercing through gossamer-fine skin to sink deep into the hot, living rush of arterial blood.

Monday, 25 April 2011

Into the dark...

Very excited to announce that a new paranormal of mine, Skin Deep, is to be included in Xcite Books upcoming Dark Desires anthology, due out in July.

I love the look of the cover and can barely wait to get my hands on a copy. Teasingly, it's already available for pre-order at Amazon, and a little nearer the time, it will be my pleasure to introduce the Mr Tall Dark and Dangerous of the tale.