Sunday, 1 July 2012

Sunday Snog

After a hectic few months, I'm pleased to have a chance to take part in Victoria Blisse's Sunday Snog today, with an excerpt from my brand new Ellora's Cave release, Pleasure Bound.

Arm outstretched to the intercom panel set beside the door and raindrops glinting like crystals in the dark waves of his hair, Adam stood there in the drizzle, his gorgeous smile splitting wide when he saw her.
Sam grinned too, giddy as a schoolgirl with a first crush, but before she could say anything, Adam stepped forward, firm hands coming up to grasp her shoulders as he pushed her back inside the building.  His deep-blue gaze—clear and penetrating as ever despite the travails of an overnight flight—locked onto hers as he kicked the door shut, pulled her up against his chest and kissed her soundly.
His lips carried the chill of the morning, but the demanding quest of Adam’s tongue was all heat as it swept deep into her mouth tasting of toothpaste and strong coffee.  Beneath Sam’s clutching fingers, the wool of his jacket felt cool and damp, but from the unbuttoned neck of his shirt, the warm scent of freshly showered male rose, filling her nostrils and wrapping around her senses. With a moan she melted, giving herself up to the pleasure of his embrace. 
“Christ, I missed you,” Adam breathed when he eventually let them up for air, still holding her tight to him. “Happy birthday.”
“I missed you too.,” Sam looked up into his eyes and panted. “And thanks for the beautiful presents.”
That blue gaze sharpened, a flame of very male interest igniting in the depths. “You’re wearing them?”
Sam gave him her best coquette’s smile. “Of course.”
“I need to see.” Adam’s voice was gruff as he swung their bodies around and pushed Sam’s spine up against the door.
Crowding every inch of his six-foot-two frame close, he bent his head to trail kisses along her jaw while his fingers traced the deep cross-over neckline of her dress, leaving a path of goose bumps in their wake. Dipping down into her cleavage, he pulled the fabric away from her curves and feasted his eyes on the pert globes of her breasts cupped by the sculpted lace of her bra. 
“Beautiful,” he breathed, burying his face in the curve of her neck and kissing her there, open-mouthed, as his hands covered her breasts, molding, shaping, squeezing. Lower down, he pressed the bulge of an impressively large erection hard against her belly. Oh, yeah. He’d missed her, all right.
Head spinning, senses reeling, Sam moaned as Adam’s hands ran down over the contours of her torso and slipped inside the front split of her dress. She gasped when his fingertips met the moist heat between her legs. Adam’s whole body stiffened.
“Fuck.” The word was barely out before he dropped into a crouch in front of Sam, hands urgent as they pushed at her hem. “They’re wet through already,” he rasped, clocking the soggy state of her new underwear. His hair tickled against her skin as he bent his head forward to breathe in the scent of her desire.  
Shivering, Sam threaded her fingers through the rain-flecked locks while Adam’s sure touch skimmed over the expensive satin and pressed against the very center of her need.  An explosion of burning sensation shot out from that one pulsing spot that had been crying out for just such attention for days. With a whimper, she arched her hips forward, pushing harder against his fingers.

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