Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Pretty as a picture!

Look! Mischief Books have been giving their ebooks a makeover. Gorgeous new covers, same sexy content. Here's two of the new look anthologies (which just so happen to carry my stories!) but do go and check out the rest - they're beautiful!

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Could YOU forgive and forget?

Love, Interrupted is out on general release this week. Despite only being a little novella, it tackles a mighty big issue: infidelity -- a topic that a lot of readers would consider too touchy for the world of romantic fiction. How can a sexy love story possibly be built around betrayal and heartbreak and loss?

Well, I don't mind admitting that until the reviews started coming in, I'd been worrying that maybe I'd taken too much of risk, that the subject matter would put readers off. But here I'll let some of their reactions speak for themselves:

"This was a beautiful story of love, betrayal and forgiveness!! Get your tissues people! ... Ms Black does a beautiful job making you feel Frankie and Marks pain and Marks ache to make it right! And I thank her for the opportunity to read and review this wonderful story!"Holly, Goodreads

"I understood Frankie’s point of view... I’m positive that my reactions would have been identical. The angst in this book was lovely, the emotion well written and powerful. There wasn’t that much sex in this but what there was was certainly very VERY steamy ... Oh, and I forgave him..... " - Nix, Scorching Book Reviews

"... a beautifully written, complex and emotional story about betrayal, hurt, forgiveness and love...infidelity is inexcusable...  Yet, where in other books I have DNF-ed or hated the story because of this topic, this story was different...I must applaud Black’s writing skills that have the ability to enthrall and entice." - Pearl's World of Romance

If you fancy a bit of an excerpt go here or, if you'd like to judge Frankie and Mark's story for yourself you can buy Love, Interrupted at:

Amazon UK

Amazon US


Sunday, 1 July 2012

Sunday Snog

After a hectic few months, I'm pleased to have a chance to take part in Victoria Blisse's Sunday Snog today, with an excerpt from my brand new Ellora's Cave release, Pleasure Bound.

Arm outstretched to the intercom panel set beside the door and raindrops glinting like crystals in the dark waves of his hair, Adam stood there in the drizzle, his gorgeous smile splitting wide when he saw her.
Sam grinned too, giddy as a schoolgirl with a first crush, but before she could say anything, Adam stepped forward, firm hands coming up to grasp her shoulders as he pushed her back inside the building.  His deep-blue gaze—clear and penetrating as ever despite the travails of an overnight flight—locked onto hers as he kicked the door shut, pulled her up against his chest and kissed her soundly.
His lips carried the chill of the morning, but the demanding quest of Adam’s tongue was all heat as it swept deep into her mouth tasting of toothpaste and strong coffee.  Beneath Sam’s clutching fingers, the wool of his jacket felt cool and damp, but from the unbuttoned neck of his shirt, the warm scent of freshly showered male rose, filling her nostrils and wrapping around her senses. With a moan she melted, giving herself up to the pleasure of his embrace. 
“Christ, I missed you,” Adam breathed when he eventually let them up for air, still holding her tight to him. “Happy birthday.”
“I missed you too.,” Sam looked up into his eyes and panted. “And thanks for the beautiful presents.”
That blue gaze sharpened, a flame of very male interest igniting in the depths. “You’re wearing them?”
Sam gave him her best coquette’s smile. “Of course.”
“I need to see.” Adam’s voice was gruff as he swung their bodies around and pushed Sam’s spine up against the door.
Crowding every inch of his six-foot-two frame close, he bent his head to trail kisses along her jaw while his fingers traced the deep cross-over neckline of her dress, leaving a path of goose bumps in their wake. Dipping down into her cleavage, he pulled the fabric away from her curves and feasted his eyes on the pert globes of her breasts cupped by the sculpted lace of her bra. 
“Beautiful,” he breathed, burying his face in the curve of her neck and kissing her there, open-mouthed, as his hands covered her breasts, molding, shaping, squeezing. Lower down, he pressed the bulge of an impressively large erection hard against her belly. Oh, yeah. He’d missed her, all right.
Head spinning, senses reeling, Sam moaned as Adam’s hands ran down over the contours of her torso and slipped inside the front split of her dress. She gasped when his fingertips met the moist heat between her legs. Adam’s whole body stiffened.
“Fuck.” The word was barely out before he dropped into a crouch in front of Sam, hands urgent as they pushed at her hem. “They’re wet through already,” he rasped, clocking the soggy state of her new underwear. His hair tickled against her skin as he bent his head forward to breathe in the scent of her desire.  
Shivering, Sam threaded her fingers through the rain-flecked locks while Adam’s sure touch skimmed over the expensive satin and pressed against the very center of her need.  An explosion of burning sensation shot out from that one pulsing spot that had been crying out for just such attention for days. With a whimper, she arched her hips forward, pushing harder against his fingers.

Amazon UK
Amazon US
Ellora's Cave

Friday, 29 June 2012

Bound for Pleasure

I'm so thrilled to announce that my new novella, Pleasure Bound, is out today with Ellora's Cave.

You might pick up on the subtle cover vibe that suggests this tale contains themes of bondage and female domination. And indeed, it does. Sam is a strong-minded woman who knows what she wants - which is her lover, Adam, the archetypal alpha, bound and helpless and submitting to her tender mercies. The trouble is, he, in turn, wants none of it.

“No,” Adam said, the word definite and final, brooking no further discussion. He re-raised the newspaper with a flick.
But Sam hadn’t lasted this long in their relationship for nothing. She knew better than to fall at the first hurdle. “So, you’re breaking your promise?” 
 Adam froze and Sam could almost hear his brain ticking over. “What promise?” he all but snarled at her.
“The promise you made to give me anything I need this weekend.”
It only took a second before Sam saw the dawning realisation on his face. With a sharp snap of the pages, he closed the paper and turned to her again. “Don’t twist the context of my words, Samantha, you know what that offer implied, and it sure as hell wasn’t anything like this.”
“Maybe not,” Sam persisted, forcing herself to hold his annoyed glare. “But the fact remains, you stated that you’d provide me with anything I might need.” She paused for a second to let the implications of his own words sink in. “And the bottom line is that this is what I need, Adam. This is what I want from you.” 
He continued to argue, of course, accusing her of seeking to objectify him, of cheapening their relationship for the sake of titillation, but Sam persevered, making sure he understood that this was about deeper things like trust and equality, and letting her have her own way for once, damn it! 
“You’ll have to choose another way,” he finally ground out, jaw set, teeth clenched, nose almost touching hers, “because this one’s a dead -end.”

Want to find out what happens when a woman demands her share of 'kinky fuckery' (coz why should billionaire boys get to have all the fun)? Head on over to Ellora's Cave and snap up a brand new copy.

Hey, EE Scavengers - you lookin' for something?

Monday, 18 June 2012

Lucky Sevens

While I was innocently sleeping last night, the charming but cheeky Sommer Marsden snuck up and tagged me in the Lucky Seven Meme.

The ‘rules’ are: Go to page 7 or 77 of your latest work. Read down to the seventh line and then post online the next seven lines or sentences. Then head off and tag seven more writers.

So, my lucky chosen are: Charlotte Stein, Electra Shepherd, Kyoko Church, Madeline Moore, Maggie Nash, Kristina Wright and Madelynne Ellis

In another unexpected surprise, I've discovered that the Ellora's Cave release I've just finished edits on has already been given a release date -- of 29th June! 

Here are seven lines from Pleasure Bound.

Misreading his display of discomfort as impatience to reconvene the meeting, the dozen or so jumpy executives in the room clattered plates and coffee cups back onto the side buffet and rushed to retake their positions around the table. The table upon which he now couldn’t stop picturing Sam’s petite form bent before him, her chestnut curls splayed over the scattered lists of financials and the rounded cheeks of her rump rippling with the force of his thrusts as he fucked this god-awful frustration out of both their systems. 

Monday, 4 June 2012

Release Day!

My new novella, Love, Interrupted is out today, and while it's a diminutive little thing, don't let its size fool you - this story packs quite an emotional punch (as evidenced by the line editor being reduced to tears - twice!).

Can a broken heart forgive, when the flesh can’t forget?
The last thing Frankie expects to find lurking in a pile of innocent-looking birthday cards is a letter from her estranged husband—the man who broke her heart and threw away their marriage for a night of drunken infidelity. And the last thing she needs is to revisit those feelings of hurt and betrayal brought back by his words of apology and regret. After everything she’s been through, is it too much to ask to be left alone to try and build a new, independent life for herself?

Apparently it is. As letter after letter falls on her doormat, and the beautiful, eloquent words contained therein slip through her tightly constructed defenses, Frankie becomes a jumble of mixed emotions and desperate desire. Rage, sorrow, revenge and lust mix to make an explosive cocktail when Frankie and Mark find themselves face-to-face for the first time since the split.

It's available to download today (and exclusively for the next three months) from Total-E-Bound - who are running a special 25% Diamond Jubilee Discount on all their UK authors!

There is also an excerpt and free ecopy up for grabs at Scorching Book Reviews' Good Smut Awards. Simply enter a vote before the competition closes on Wednesday 6th June to have a chance at winning.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Covered in Love,


The cover for my next release has just arrived!

Due for release on June 4 with Total-E-Bound, this is an emotionally and sexually charged tale of Love, Interrupted but hopefully not lost. Blurb coming soon.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Off to a flying start!

Happy New Year!

It's only a few months since the release of my first single author title, Double Strokes, and I'm beyond pleased to see that it's been picking up some great reviews and ratings.

I'd like to thank the reviewers and book bloggers who've taken the time, and share a handful of their excerpts here, but do follow the links to see the full reviews (and many, many more) on their sites.

4 Coffee Cups from Coffee Time Romance
"Sexually charged scenes depicting erotic menage play and tenderness from a friendship forged in college spins through the pages of this emotionally charged story... Black has sex literally oozing out of every word in this delightful tale."

4 stars from Erotica For All
"Double Strokes is a delicious menage tale...I love the premise and the characters, and of course the sex is smokin' hot!...A well-written, sexy and seriously naughty story...definitely worth a read for m/f/m fans."

7.7/10 from Pearl's World of Romance
"From the first sentence I loved Kat Black's writing style that just flows...I loved the characters...hot and well-written..."

 4.5 stars and a Top Pick from Night Owl Reviews
"Double Strokes is the perfect title for this erotic and very sensual menage romance... explicit and arousing...You're gonna love it!"

4 Stars from Marissa's Romance Retreat
"Kat Black's brisk and fluent writing made sure I fell for this story hook, line and sinker...characters leap off the pages, especially her two men. I love the raw, sexual potency of the pair...I could have read on for hours but I ran out of pages way too fast!"

If you'd like to form your own opinion, you can download a copy to review from:





All Romance