Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Could YOU forgive and forget?

Love, Interrupted is out on general release this week. Despite only being a little novella, it tackles a mighty big issue: infidelity -- a topic that a lot of readers would consider too touchy for the world of romantic fiction. How can a sexy love story possibly be built around betrayal and heartbreak and loss?

Well, I don't mind admitting that until the reviews started coming in, I'd been worrying that maybe I'd taken too much of risk, that the subject matter would put readers off. But here I'll let some of their reactions speak for themselves:

"This was a beautiful story of love, betrayal and forgiveness!! Get your tissues people! ... Ms Black does a beautiful job making you feel Frankie and Marks pain and Marks ache to make it right! And I thank her for the opportunity to read and review this wonderful story!"Holly, Goodreads

"I understood Frankie’s point of view... I’m positive that my reactions would have been identical. The angst in this book was lovely, the emotion well written and powerful. There wasn’t that much sex in this but what there was was certainly very VERY steamy ... Oh, and I forgave him..... " - Nix, Scorching Book Reviews

"... a beautifully written, complex and emotional story about betrayal, hurt, forgiveness and love...infidelity is inexcusable...  Yet, where in other books I have DNF-ed or hated the story because of this topic, this story was different...I must applaud Black’s writing skills that have the ability to enthrall and entice." - Pearl's World of Romance

If you fancy a bit of an excerpt go here or, if you'd like to judge Frankie and Mark's story for yourself you can buy Love, Interrupted at:

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