Thursday, 21 January 2016

It's 2016 already?

Happy New Year to you all from possibly the world's worst blogger! You have my best wishes for health and happiness and I hope there will be much achieving of goals/sticking to resolutions/reaching for dreams over the twelve months to come. Go get 'em.

As my last post was back in March (hanging my head in shame here) I'm aware that it's past time to dust the cobwebs off the blog and offer a quick update on where I'm at.

Having been fortunate enough to have worked with the mighty HarperCollins over the past couple of years on my debut Frost novels, I'm now free of contract and excited to forge ahead into the next stage of my career. Currently, I'm being kept busy with offers to consider and decisions to make, and I hope to have news to share in the not too distant future.

Writing wise, I'm putting the final polish on the first book of a planned series of contemporary, humorous love stories featuring some of the secondary characters from the Frost books. Damien Harcourt's story kicks off the Rock With You series with the millionaire playboy discovering something his money can't buy ... and between you and me, witnessing the uber smooth and assured Damien become more ruffled and uncertain with each passing chapter has been immense fun (yes, romance writers are totally evil!). Next up is bad boy rockstar Balthazar Hunt's tale and I cannot wait to start wrestling that handful-and-a-half of man onto the page and into the path of pint-sized force of nature, Nell Foxton. The third book in the series will feature Damien's sister, Anarchy Harcourt, and a very special hero in Jake Carver - a man of two worlds. 

Also, if you like the sound of short, sweet, holiday flings -- summer in Italy, Christmas in Scotland, that sort of thing -- keep an eye out for a number of stand alone seasonal novellas that I'll be releasing in ebook.

So, lots to come from me this year. I'd better get back down the word mines.

Kat x

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